Playing in the Sprinkler

All that was required of this summer pastime was a bathing suit, a hose, and a sprinkler which strangely enough could provide hours of entertainment!

Capri Sun

The juice box of our generation wasn't even a box. Even though there have been other juices to come in the pouches, I don't think any of them have been as popular.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

To his fans he was know as "JTT," but what girl didn't have a crush on him? Remembering a child star of our generation!

Digital Pets

Whether is was a cheap imitation or a more popular brand, there was nothing that compared to that nurturing feeling you got from a digital pet.

Bubble Gum

Remember the day you struggled to blow your first bubble? Or what about the time you put gum in your sister's hair? Most gums lost their flavor quickly, but they never lost their novelty.

Four Square

4 squares, 1 ball, 4 players, 1 long line of kids waiting to play. Did you play traditional Four Square or was there a dash of something extra?

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