All Glammed Up!

Photo By Nina `H

Photo By Nina `H

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…

Girls will be girls and when we are young, we look for ways to be “grown up.” Through sleepovers and everyday use, we practiced for womanhood; the more color the better, especially when you knew your mom would disapprove. Maybe we couldn’t have our ears pierced or have our own lipstick, but we knew how to make do. Generation Y specific or not, Bon Bons Nail Polish, Lip Smackers, and Sticker Earrings are things from my childhood that I remember well.

Bon Bons

Photo By Andrea G

This nail polish came in cute mini containers and a wide variety of colors. It was cheap and went on thick. This nail polish took forever to dry and even then it came off easily, smudging and chipping. None of that never stopped me from using it. My mom never let me wear any crazy colors so I loved that I could go to my friend’s house and put on blue or purple nail polish. The colors were pearly so they always had a nice glittery shiny look to them. I’m not really sure where you could buy them… I guess Walmart, but they always made cute stocking stuffers or Easter egg fillers and were great for birthday party goody bags. They have to still sell these somewhere because I have some…

Lip Smackers

Photo By Sharon Young

Photo By Sharon Young

If Bon Bons came in all different colors, Lip Smackers came in all different flavors. Whether it be fruit, candy, or soda, if you could dream up a taste, they probably had it in lip gloss. Lip Smackers to me was more like flavored chapstick, but some girls just couldn’t go with out it. At one point they were even putting these on key chains. It was like putting on lipstick with out the shocking color. To go along with the fun flavor, the lip gloss came in bright, sometimes sparkly, tubes. There was just something about the packaging that made you feel like you needed to put some of this on your lips even if it didn’t really help lips that were chapped. These also made good gifts and are also still around today.

Stick On Earrings

Photo From

Photo From

It was hard for me to decide what went along with lip gloss and nail polish, and that is when I recalled one of my favorite things about preschool. The colored heart, diamond, and circle jewel stickers I used as earrings. They were really one time use only and ended up mostly getting stuck in your hair, but I thought I was so cool wearing these. You could pick some out to match your outfit; you didn’t need a special occasion to wear these, but they definitely made a difference in my day. It didn’t matter if these were a fake substitute for the real thing; I loved to pretend anyway.

So I want to know… what was your favorite way of pretending to be a grown up? Did you wear your mom’s high heels? Carry a plastic purse? Leave a comment below!

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2 Responsesto “All Glammed Up!”

  1. Emily says:

    Those are all great, but the days I KNEW I was hardcore were the days when my sister let me use her hair crimper.

  2. Theresa says:

    Oh yes, I got in trouble for painting my nails on my bed so many times! Remember all of those other awful make-ups? I remember they used to sell hideous blue eye-shadow that was like a cream that you could roll on. My mother wouldn’t let me wear it, but I know I snuck it to school once or twice. Oh, what were we thinking?!?

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