Bop It

Photo By 4rank

Photo By 4rank

Bop it! Twist it! Pull it!

These three words were heard over and over again in a random order and you were required to preform the actions the game instructed you to do. The longer you could keep it up, the faster the instructions came. This electronic toy from Hasbro was an instant sensation. You would start the game by pressing the center button “Bop it,” which gave the toy its name.

If this was a toy given for Christmas or a birthday, you probably never heard the end of it. The audio was so distinct that I can still recall what it sounded like today. It seemed like most people I knew had one or had at least played it at some point.

Photo By bluedotcreations

Photo By bluedotcreations

This was one of those games that became addicting because when you lost, you instantly wanted to try again. I never met anyone who was good enough to beat it, although I did watch someone do it on YouTube while looking up content for this post. Either way, we were always determined to try.

The Original Bop It

Appearing in 1996, the original was awkwardly shaped like a stick. The “Bop it” button was in the center the the pull tab and twist crank at either end. It was simple enough and you could score up to 100 points.

Photo By said&done

Photo By said&done

Later Versions

This was followed by Bop It Extreme and Bop It Extreme 2. This added “Flick it” and “Spin it” to the list of tasks instructed to preform. The design was easier to hold and you could score up to 250 points. You could even challenge another person to play against you.

Overall I feel like this toy really encompasses the 90s. You can download a version and play it on your computer or buy the real thing at Amazon.

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  1. Air In here says:

    Ha ha, I totally loved this! I remember when it was at the bottom of my toybox and there would be an internal avelanche, and all you’d hear was “BOP IT! …AWWWW!”
    XD Great for in the middle of the night!
    I actually got the new one last Christmas. Not the same, but still good!

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