Bubble Gum

Photo By thejbird

Photo By thejbird

Adults had their gum, and we had ours!

Remember the day you struggled to blow your first bubble? It was about as tough as learning how to whistle. Or what about the time you put gum in your sister’s hair? Maybe you were one of those kids who stuck gum under their desks at school. There are so many great memories that revolve around bubble gum, but what about the actual brands of gum that made these memories possible? The chewing gum of our childhood had a lot in common; most gums were cheap, colorful, and full of flavor.  While most lost their flavor quickly, they never lost their novelty.

Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

Photo From whereaboutshereabouts

Photo From whereaboutshereabouts

For six feet of gum, it sure didn’t last very long. It came rolled up in a round, brightly colored plastic container which allowed you to dispense the gum like tape. I can remember the distinct sweet smell this gum has, but I also remember it being very powdery (I guess to keep it from sticking together). The idea of having dispensable gum was awesome, and I always felt really cool having it. I hated sharing, but people always asked you for some. I never attempted chewing the whole thing at once, but I would like to try. If you were lucky you could get the mega roll with 10 feet of gum. If you’ve seen the commercials or advertisements, the container is a little person and the gum is a super long tongue, which is very accurate of what the product looks like.

Fruit Stripe

Photo By Thomas Hawk

Photo By Thomas Hawk

I loved everything about this gum. The striped pattern on the sticks, asking people what color they wanted, and the memorable mascot. Each color was also a different, juicy flavor. I always referred to this as “Zebra Gum” as a kid and didn’t even realize it was actually called Fruit Stripe until now. Its kind of ironic that they chose a zebra, since it’s black and white, but I think that is what has made it memorable and successful. I feel like this encompasses the essence of a gum children can call their own while their parents chew Doublemint or Winterfresh.

Bubble Yum/Bubblicious

Photo By saba♫dija

Photo By saba♫dija

Just thinking about the names of these gums makes me feel like I can’t breath. This gum was huge and would practically take up all the room in your mouth making you feel like you were drowning in it. None the less, it was delightful. The flavors were all really exotic sounding and supper juicy. It practically melted in your mouth with deliciousness as the taste triggered a gush of saliva. Since it was so big, my mom would split the piece in half with us. These were the best types of gum for blowing bubbles because when the bubbles popped, it was easy to peel off of your face.

Tiny Size Chiclets

Photo From victoryseeds.com

Photo From victoryseeds.com

Even though this was more of a candy then a gum, everything about it was fun. The tiny pieces of gum resembled confetti, and the packet even looked like there was a party inside. You needed to eat a lot to make it resemble something that was chewable; it was always tricky keeping a little kid from swallowing them.  I loved pouring it out of the packet and seeing all of the bright colors. They come in green, orange, yellow, peach, and burgundy; the perfect color combo for a fiesta. Every once in awhile you can still find it, but the only thing it’s good for is the novelty. I was super surprised when I found out they made normal sized Chiclets, but the pieces weren’t nearly as fun to eat.

Double Bubble

Photo By Thomas Hawk

Photo By Thomas Hawk

I love the name of this gum; I feel like it rolls of the tongue so easily while giving you the sensation of chewing a wad of it. The wrapping is what stands out to me. Not only is it bright and recognizable, but it makes you feel like your gum is a wrapped present. Unlike the soft gum, if you blow a bubble with this and it pops, it might be a bit difficult to get the gum off of your face since it’s pretty sticky. It has that distinct pink bubble gum flavor, but occasionally can be found in apple, grape, and watermelon. This gum makes me think of Halloween, Easter, and birthday parties since that was really the only time I would get it. Since you usually get a bunch of it at once, it is easy to keep adding new gum to the piece you are already chewing until you have a giant wad of nasty tasting gum.

Bazooka Bubblegum

Photo By The_WB

Photo By The_WB

The novelty with this gum was that it came with a comic that featured “Bazooka Joe” in the wrapper. Some people collected the mini comics, but I always thought they were kind of pointless. Other than the comic, there wasn’t too much that was great about it because the flavor didn’t really stand out. The thing I remember the most is singing the song about Bazooka Bubblegum on the bus ride home from school. It is a story about a mother giving her kid money to buy things, but instead he spends the money on bazooka bubble gum until he chokes on it. Apparently there is also a dance. Read the full lyrics or get a quick taste:

Most of these gums are classic favorites that many generations have also enjoyed. Which gum was your favorite?

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10 Responsesto “Bubble Gum”

  1. James says:

    Great article…and bubble gum is not just for kids but for anyone who wants gum with pizzazz. I first developed an interest in it in 1978–during the Bubble Yum craze that existed way back then. Currently, my favorite gum is Dubble Bubble for it makes the biggest bubbles when all the sugar is chewed out of it; the original pink flavor is the best(I have it in my desk drawer at work). My biggest bubble was circa 26 in(66.04 cm)and I have mastered doubles, triples and quadruples. Due to the fact that my parents dissuaded my brother and I from chewing bubble gum due to the sugar in it, I went about researching it on my own and became a historian/connoisseur on the topic as a result. Again, thanks for publishing this article.

    Ardsley,PA USA

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  7. ydonnarae67 says:

    When i was younger, i lived in shreveport, la. there was a bubblegum that my mom use to get me every easter. it was a sorta flat, egg-shaped, and it multicolored. when you bit into it, it was alot of tiny bubblegum peices pressed into that shape. I have been looking for that candy for a long time, i wanted to give it to my child at easter. if anyone knows about this candy please contact me @ydonnarae67@yahoo.
    thank you

  8. Thomas says:

    My fave was fruit stripe (which I also called zebra gum) because I would go to my uncle’s house when I was younger, and he would give me like a whole pack of it. That made me SO happy, even though I chewed it all in about 2 days :D

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