Capri Sun

Photo By foggiegee

Photo By foggiegee

The juice box of our generation wasn’t even a box. The futuristic aspect of Capri Sun juice pouches is what made them cool. The best part about them is that you can make sure you suck out every last drop. No matter the flavor, they have always come in the recognizable silver packets. Even though there have been other juices to come in the pouches, I don’t think any of them have been as popular.

I have recently heard people say “Man, I haven’t had a Capri Sun since I was a kid!” But I drink them all the time just for the novelty of feeling like a kid again. And the strange thing is… I like them more now than when I was little.

The Early Days

The first time Capri Suns made an appearance in my life was at the neighborhood swimming pool. One of the pool moms would bring frozen ones and let them float around the pool to let them thaw out. You’d just be swimming, watching them make their way around the pool wishing your mom had the notion to do such a thing. Looking back on it, she had the right idea. I feel like no pool trip is complete without Capri Suns.

Photo By Vicky TGAW

Photo By Vicky TGAW

I don’t know if it was just because we were terrible at opening these or if the design changed, but it seems that while in elementary school, there was always someone at the lunch table who would punch the straw through the back of the pouch. It was annoying but funny at the same time. Capri Suns became more common at lunch with the popularity of Lunchables due to being packaged and sold together.

The thing I hated about Capri Suns was how the sugar conglomerated at the back of your throat and made it hard to swallow. I guess I’ve just gotten used to it, because I love drinking Capri Suns now.

“Cell Phones”

The only thing to do with a Capri Sun once you were done was to fold it half and turn it into a pretend phone. The straw made a good antenna  and if you had a sharpie nearby you could draw on the numbers. Everyone thought this was really cool because everyone dreamed of owning their own phone.


And who could forget the cool surfers or rollerbladers that turned into liquid metal? With a motto like “liquid cool,” I could feel a cool breeze in the room as the commercial played across the TV screen. The commercials made me crave Capri Sun even when I wasn’t a fan of them.

With classic flavors like fruit punch, surfer cooler, and strawberry kiwi, and a wide variety of others it was (and still is!) hard to choose which kind to buy. What was your favorite flavor?

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4 Responsesto “Capri Sun”

  1. Molly says:

    Ahh! Capri Sun! We are truly the “cell phone generation”, and I think we got our motivation early with Capri Sun.

  2. Jean says:

    If I remember right, Capri Sun packaging in the 70′s looked nothing like the stand-up pouches of today – and they did get messy a lot easier because of it! I’ve been looking around on the web trying to find pics of the 70′s style capri sun pouches to show my daughter, but can’t find any. (Yes, I am disappointed about that!)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree that I think they’re easier to open now, I think they made changes to the packaging …I drink them a lot now too cause I buy them for my daughter …I always thought they were super cool back in the day because my mom didn’t buy them and I only got them at school or friends houses =) u have a great site here!

  4. Ryan Gibson says:

    Ah Capri Sun. I used to love those guys. What a drink.

    They remind me of opening my lunch box and seeing it waiting for me. What a delight!


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