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Jonathan Taylor Thomas

To his fans he was know as "JTT," but what girl didn't have a crush on him? Remembering a child star of our generation!

5 Memorable Nicktoons

My "5 cents" on which cartoon shows I remember the most on the best TV channel for kids: Nickelodeon.


The boy band that kept trying to make a come back... and still are! Since their first (and really only) hit "MMMBop," Isaac, Taylor, and Zac have truly transformed and are no longer the tweens that we remember them as.

Land Before Time

There has been a movie made based on these adorable animated dinosaurs almost every year since 1988 and it's still going strong. How many have you seen and who was your favorite character?

Top 10 Songs from the 80′s

The #1 songs from each year of the 80's according to the archives of Billboard Hot 100. Don't let the titles of the songs fool you-- make sure you actually listen to it. Nothing beats a classic 80's music video!

Captain Planet

"By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!" A TV show that taught kids about environmental responsibility? Who would have thought it would be the source of one of the greatest superheros our generation got to know and love!

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