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“Pets” from the Wild

Whether we kept these critters hostage for a couple of hours or a couple of days, there was nothing like a summertime pet.

Capri Sun

The juice box of our generation wasn't even a box. Even though there have been other juices to come in the pouches, I don't think any of them have been as popular.

Bubble Gum

Remember the day you struggled to blow your first bubble? Or what about the time you put gum in your sister's hair? Most gums lost their flavor quickly, but they never lost their novelty.

All Glammed Up!

I dedicate this post to the girls. The ones who owned a rainbow of Bon Bons Nail Polish, used Lip Smackers as lip gloss, and thought Stick on Earrings were fabulous.

Candy “Pops”

Novelty lollipops that came in the shape of rings, in baby bottles, or were pushed up by the use of your finger!


This boxed lunch to go revolutionized the traditional PB&J sack lunch. Or did it? Which one was your favorite Lunchable?

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