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Digital Pets

Whether is was a cheap imitation or a more popular brand, there was nothing that compared to that nurturing feeling you got from a digital pet.

Bop It

With three simple phrases, this electronic toy had us in a frenzy trying to master direction following.


The Japanese company that brought classic games into our homes and revolutionized our childhoods. Remembering the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy.

Sock’em Boppers

Everyone agrees: the most memorable thing about this toy is that it was "more fun than a pillow fight." What to you remember?

Troll Dolls

Fluffy, colorful hair and scrunched up faces turned these unique dolls into a strange fad that lasted decades.


The very best thing of all? There is a counter on this ball! Skip-It was one of the best (and most memorable) toys to come out during our childhood. Watch the commercial and see what two things I think made this toy hot!

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