I-Zone Polaroid Cameras

Photo By StreetFly_JZ

Photo By StreetFly_JZ

This is a memory from more of the end of my childhood, but I remember it all the same. Before digital, Polaroids were a pretty big deal. You could practically view a picture you took instantly.

The I-Zone camera revolutionized a novelty item to be even more of a novelty item; the only thing better than a Polaroid was a mini Polaroid sticker. It was a way to reinvent something that had lost its excitement. They weren’t around for very long, but they became pretty popular during their short life span… well at least among girls.

One would think that a 1.5×1 picture wasn’t good for anything… wrong! Just a few suggestions on what to do with them: “Collect, trade, and wear these little photos! Use them as calling cards! Sign letters with them! Stick them on books, lockers, or even your friends!”

The camera was specifically designed with kids in mind, so for the first time ever a kid could own his or her very own personal camera! They came in all sorts of designs: Barbie, heat activated color changing, transparent, a variety of colored face plates you could switch out, and most crazy of all, with a built in radio! The film came both sticky and non sticky, but was pretty expensive. It had colorful and decorative patterns on the crazy tabs on either side of the photo. Polaroid also sold all sorts of accessories like picture frames for your itty bitty pictures.

Photo By polapix

Photo By polapix

Even though these were referred to as “Pocket Cameras” I have no idea how any kid ever stuck this into their pocket. Once digital cameras came out (and a camera really could fit in your pocket) there was no place for the I-Zone.

Either way, I’m so glad these existed because I really think they are cool. The sad part is that even if you still have one of these cameras they don’t make the film anymore. At least not that I’m aware of. You can probably find expired film somewhere and hope for the best.

So you tell me, I never had one, but was it worth having an I-Zone Camera?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They actually have film for these cameras on the polaroid web site, but there are only 203 in stock. Hope this is helpful to anyone interested.

  2. Gloria says:

    Yes, I had one and loved it.

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