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To his fans he was know as “JTT,” but what girl didn’t have a crush on him? This kid was pretty hot stuff; both as an actor and in looks. He was like the Zac Efron of the day. Two things in particular stand out about him: his gorgeous blond hair and the way he dressed. If you see his pictures from back in the the day he practically encompasses the “look” of the 90′s.

His last name is actually Weiss, but his name sounds so much cooler by replacing it with his brother’s middle name. What was it about him that made girls go crazy? He was no Hannah Montana, yet I felt like he was one of the few actors I could identify as a kid. I would definitely call him a child star.

Home Improvement

Randy from Home Improvement was Jonathan’s most well known character. Starting at the age of 10, he practically grew up on the show, staying on well into his teenage years. He was always getting into trouble but had an adorable grin that could get him out of anything.

Lion King

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I believe JTT was born to be the voice of young Simba. The two were perfect for each other. He really brought life and spunk into a lovable character. I remember how excited I was to watch Lion King just because I knew he was going to be in it. It was cool to feel like you “knew” one of the actors who was voicing the characters. Even though there were other well known actors also in the film, I had know idea who they were at the time.  I personally believe that Simba wouldn’t have been as hot of a lion cub if Johnathan wasn’t his voice actor.

The Adventures of Pinocchio

This was a weird movie, and honestly the only reason I watched it was because Jonathan Taylor Thomas was in it. It was basically a live version of the story Pinocchio with Jonathan playing the complex animatronic wooden boy. You don’t see him until the end of the movie when the puppet turns into a real boy. Perhaps you remember the video cover which changed from puppet to boy depending on how you held it with its dual image “Magic Action Art.”


A Y-Kid himself, Jonathan vanished into thin air in the early 2000s. As far as I can tell he hasn’t made any movies since 2006 and instead went on to study at Harvard and Columbia.  There were some rumors floating around that he was gay, but he denied them. There is no news of him being married so there is still hope for his fan girls. For a child star he turned out okay.

What are your favorite memories of JTT?

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