Photo By elmada

Photo By elmada

As food products became more and more convenient, so did the idea of a sack lunch. Some kids made their lunch themselves. Some kids had their parents make a lunch for them with lots of love and no crust. And some kids had their parents buy a fully prepared meal that they could just grab out of the fridge on the way to catching the bus.

The “Lunchable” was a genius product. Parents were tired of making their kid’s lunch, or didn’t have the time, and they were easy to market to kids because it was something different from the traditional lunch: Pizza? Sandwiches made from crackers? That’s SO cool! Plus school lunch was gross and everyone gets tired of  PB&J eventually.

Another important factor that contributed to the “Lunchable” success was that yes, in the end you did assemble your food, but it was fun.

Photo By capitan jen

Photo By capitan jen

Just ham? No Problem. Double stack with a slice of cheese? Coming right up. Pizza with a little cheese or a lot? Whatever you want! Later they came up with nachos, tacos, hamburgers,  hot dogs, and who knows what else.

Personally, I thought Lunchables tasted gross.  But I loved the idea so much I tried to convince myself that they were amazing. Not only was it convenient, but it made me feel like a “cool kid.” Unfortunately my parent’s viewed these as expensive luxury meals and rarely bought them. It was cheaper to buy lunch at school and at least then it was warm.

Eventually I realized how ridiculous these things were and made up excuses to myself to not feel bad about missing out. Because [cold] hamburgers and hotdogs? GROSS! How was that even possibly real meat?

Photo By Refracted Moments

Photo By Refracted Moments

Looking back I’m not even sure which one I liked best. I was a fan of the classic crackers, meat, and cheese, but it never seemed to taste right. I couldn’t figure out if the crackers were too buttery, the meat was too fake, or if it was just the cheese. The one that tasted the best to me was the nachos, but that seemed more like a snack than a lunch.

Am I wrong or do you agree with me? What was your favorite Lunchable?

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10 Responsesto “Lunchables”

  1. Catherine says:

    Extra Cheese pizza was the best, it was great in grade school, I always felt like a rockstar with the pizza one because everyone would beg for one of the pizzas… hehe, I see them in the supermarket now with my son and am so tempted to grab a pizza one.

  2. Andrew Maier says:

    So nostalgic. This blog reminds me of so many things I’ve forgotten over the years :)

  3. Emily says:

    oh my goodness. I LOVED the nacho lunchables…I’m pretty sure I had those every afternoon in 6th grade. Pizza, however…the pizza made me sick.
    And you’re right: they weren’t worth the money by any means. :)

  4. Jakki says:

    Oh my, I completely forgot about these. I want one so bad now. I only liked the pizza one, because the meat in the others tasted fake. My cousins even used to microwave them. Either way, I thought they were great.

  5. lolwut says:

    I remember the first time you convinced Mom to buy them. I ran into the basement and jumped all around because I thought they were so cool. They were gross though.

  6. dude says:

    My favorite was the pizza, with the pepperonis. The nachos were always good, but too small to be a meal. It’s kind of funny, I’m thinking about like middle school for these things and I’m eating one right now in college. Guess the convenience will always out weight the price for me.

  7. These never appealed to me. Too processed.

  8. JS says:

    I agree Jade…way to processed and way to much sodium. It’s easy to do home-made lunches.

  9. Alex says:

    Recently I had been thinking about Lunchables and came up with the conclusion I was insane. Those things tasted terrible yet somehow I kept eating them, liking back I realize how they were grosser than I thought, cause come on frozen dough win sauce pizza and Cole burgers…yep…appetizing…their only redeeming factor was the juice and the candy.

  10. gracie says:


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