Outdoor Cuisine

From mud pies to stew, we loved to cook with nature's ingredients. Sooner or later, we'd all get called in for supper, eat a real meal, and forget about our entrepreneurial pursuits as chefs.

Bop It

With three simple phrases, this electronic toy had us in a frenzy trying to master direction following.

All Glammed Up!

I dedicate this post to the girls. The ones who owned a rainbow of Bon Bons Nail Polish, used Lip Smackers as lip gloss, and thought Stick on Earrings were fabulous.

5 Memorable Nicktoons

My "5 cents" on which cartoon shows I remember the most on the best TV channel for kids: Nickelodeon.


The Japanese company that brought classic games into our homes and revolutionized our childhoods. Remembering the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy.


The boy band that kept trying to make a come back... and still are! Since their first (and really only) hit "MMMBop," Isaac, Taylor, and Zac have truly transformed and are no longer the tweens that we remember them as.

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