Playing in the Sprinkler

Photo By bbum

Photo By bbum

I don’t know about you, but the summers of my childhood were HOT. All you wanted to do was put your bathing suit on and have fun in the water. But there were some days that you couldn’t convince your mom to take you to the pool, so running through a cold sprinkler on your lawn was they only way to cool down. Good thing it was almost as much fun as going to the pool! We didn’t need “Crazy Daisies” or “Slip ‘n Slides;” we were happy with your average lawn sprinkler, and if dad’s wasn’t good enough, we’d go use someone else’s.

Step 1 was putting your bathing suit on and getting your towel out. Playing in the sprinkler was so spontaneous, no application of sunscreen or packing of snacks was required. If anything the only preparation needed was calling up your next door neighbor and seeing if they wanted to join in on the fun.

Photo By Today is a good day

Photo By Today is a good day

Step 2 was setting up the sprinkler. Before water bans, my dad always had the sprinkler out and ready to go. There was nothing like the simple set up of rolling out the hose, twisting the faucet while hearing it squeak, and seeing the sprinkler come to life. We had a great sprinkler for the purpose of playing with (see the picture for reference) because it got you really wet and it moved.

Step 3 was running through the water. Sure it was cold, but more importantly it was exhilarating. There were different tactics you could use: standing in one place and getting wet, jumping over it, or playing “keep away.” The different things you could do with a sprinkler without getting bored still amazes me. It didn’t really matter what you did as long as your were staying cool and having fun, and I’m sure your parents had a great time watching you no matter what.

Eventually the grass would start sticking to your feet, you’d get tired of being cold, and the fun would come to an end. Not before getting one last slurp out of the hose though!

What’s your favorite memory of cooling down in the summer heat? We’re hoping to post summer memories all summer long so stay tuned!

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  1. Emily says:

    My dad didn’t believe in sprinklers, we would either just hold the hose up really high, sneak into my neighbor’s sprinklers, or go to a close-by golf course. Good times.

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