Photo By avalatka

Photo By avalatka

The very best thing of all? There is a counter on this ball!

Skip-It was one of the best (and most memorable) toys to come out during our childhood. It was simple: a plastic loop that you put your ankle inside of attached to a plastic “ball” which was spun around and “skipped” over by your free foot. This was a toy that actually involved exercise!¬† I personally never had one, but I loved playing with these whenever I had the chance. I think what made these things hot were two things:

The Counter

Photo By cotielong

Photo By cotielo

Even though this wasn’t a feature on the skip-it until later, I think this is what made the toy memorable. We are naturally competitive, and the skip-it counter easily turned this toy into a way to challenge someone. Hula hoops¬† are fun, but there is no easy way to keep track of and display how many successful turns are made. The counter provided a goal for the toy; You always wanted to beat your previous record, or beat someone else’s.


The Skip-It is considered “a commercial success” because of its television advertisements on channels such as Nickelodeon and during other children’s programming, according to Wikipedia. The commercial (for the model with the counter) featured a catchy jingle and portrayed this toy with an “everyone is doing it and look how much fun they are having” message. Watching the commercial makes me want to buy a Skip-It even now! Check it out for yourself:

Does anyone know where to even get a Skip-It these days? The closest I could find was at Toys R Us and it’s out of stock. Ebay is probably always a good bet…

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3 Responsesto “Skip-It”

  1. Fire G says:


    I always laughed at people that had those! It made you look so stupid but dammit if you weren’t always arguing with someone over their score.

    “Hey, what’s your highest skip-it?”
    “73, what’s yours?”
    “658, non-stop for 3 days.”
    “…yeah well my brother went 5 days straight and got a gazillion.”

    Ah, the good ol’ days.

  2. soccer maniac says:

    does anyone know the international record??????

  3. Rachael says:

    I had one of those. The stupid ball at the end would always brake off.

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