Digital Pets

Whether is was a cheap imitation or a more popular brand, there was nothing that compared to that nurturing feeling you got from a digital pet.


The boy band that kept trying to make a come back... and still are! Since their first (and really only) hit "MMMBop," Isaac, Taylor, and Zac have truly transformed and are no longer the tweens that we remember them as.

Bead Critters

Pony Beads, a key chain ring, and chord were all you needed to make fun animal key chains. How could a craft be so thrilling?

Troll Dolls

Fluffy, colorful hair and scrunched up faces turned these unique dolls into a strange fad that lasted decades.

Glue Bookmarks

You may be asking yourself, "What is a glue bookmark?" The answer is simple: a bookmark made from Elmer's glue, washable markers, and a Spacemaker pencil box. This craft was not only fun, but a good way to make a little extra income. Learn how to make one!