Outdoor Cuisine

From mud pies to stew, we loved to cook with nature's ingredients. Sooner or later, we'd all get called in for supper, eat a real meal, and forget about our entrepreneurial pursuits as chefs.

Candy “Pops”

Novelty lollipops that came in the shape of rings, in baby bottles, or were pushed up by the use of your finger!

Chuck E. Cheese’s

Where a Kid Can be a Kid! We used to beg and plead with my parents to take us to Chuck E. Cheese's whenever we passed it even though we knew it was more of a special occasion type place. Sure the pizza and prizes sucked, but this place was magical!

Valentine’s Day

The Y-kid Holiday Edition! Valentine's Day is often seen as a holiday to feel either loved or miserable. But when you're a kid, any holiday is a good holiday, especially when it involves gifts, candy, and parties!


This boxed lunch to go revolutionized the traditional PB&J sack lunch. Or did it? Which one was your favorite Lunchable?